Maatology Productions Presents The Goodlucks Friday June 14 10pm

Maatology Productions Presents The Goodlucks Friday June 14 10pm

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It’s awards season and a married couple, The Goodlucks, is on edge when there is buzz from their critically accalimed stageplay they performed and produced. 

Produced and directed by Hollywood Fringe Festival veteran Maat Atkins, The Goodlucks featired at this years Hollywood Fringe Festival in June at the Madnani Theatre in Los Angeles, 6760 Lexington Ave. Los Angeles. 

The Goodlucks is a story about the value of awards in the entertainment industry and how it effects people’s mindset and ego. 

Set in Chelsea, NY present day, The cast of characters are the husband, Bert Goodluck, a stalwart theater actor who produced the hit Broadway stageplay Ossie and Ruby, on the life of acting husband and wife Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. His wife, Juanita Tyson, co stars in the play, is a successful film star, who became the star of the play, yet unreluctantly wants to continue with tour of the play.

Conflict ensues when the couple gets anxious of the possibility of becoming the first African American married couple to be nominated for a major theater award.

Rounding out the cast of characters are Bailey Goodluck, the non binary Gen Zer and LGBTian daughter; George Dandridge, the best friend and acting colleague to Bert; and Lynne, the niece and publicist to Juanita. 


Time 1hr and 5 min. 


*Tanya Neely as Juanita Tyson-Goodluck

Brandon Davis as Bert Goodluck

Deanna Whitfield as Lynne Tyson

*Jade Jackson as Bailey Goodluck

David Rogers as George Dandridge, Jr.

Sheena Mercano as Announcer

Noell Webber Understudy to Juanita

Dia Brown Understudy to Lynne/Bailey

Aden Ajayi Understudy to George 

*Maatology Productions cast veteran


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